Department of Pharmacognosy

Pharmacognosy is embracing relevant information with regard to Medicines exclusively derived from natural sources, for instances: Plants, animals & microorganisms. It is a vital link between Ayurvedic & allopathic system of medicine. Studies on drugs from herbal origin are increasing day by day. These laboratories assist the students acquire skills of identification morphological uses, and formulation aspects of various medicinal and aromatic plats of traditional values. Special facilities have been created to impart training in tissue culture techniques.
It mainly deals with medicinal natural products (Herbal Drug). Students learn about source, family, chemicals constituents & uses, along with microscopy, isolation and identification of phytoconstituents.   It has all basic as well as modern equipments to support the highest level of research work. The newly developed post-graduate laboratory for Pharmacognosy has very sophisticated projector microscope attached with computer, Colony Counter,  Zone reader etc.

1 Camera Lucida
2 Clavenger’s Apparatus
3 Colorimeter
4 Digital Balance
5 Electric Water Bath
6 Hot Air Oven
7 Microscope
8 Projection Microscope
9 Reflux Flask With Condensor
10 Refrigerator
11 Soxhlet Apparatus
12 Stage Micrometer
13 Tlc Chamber


Name Designation Qualification Exp.
Mr. Pathikkumar J Patel Asso. Professor M.Pharm,  Ph.D. Pursuing 12.1 Years
Dr.Mukesh B. Jadeja Asso. Professor M.Pharm, Ph.D 11.6 Years
Ms.Priyanka yadav Asst. Professor M.Pharm FRESHER