Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry & Analysis

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry & Analysis These well-furnished laboratories provide facilities for practical training in pharmaceutical medicinal chemistry, synthesis and structural elucidation of medicinally important compounds. Practical training is also offered in medicinal chemistry, biochemistry and inorganic chemistry with well design experiments. Pharmaceutical analysis involves the applications of a range of techniques & instruments to obtain & access qualitative, quantitative & structural information of drug substances & drug products. In this lab, students learn about synthesis of pharmaceuticals compounds, its re-crystallisation   (purification), identification and analysis. This laboratory is well equipped with fuming hood and safety measure equipment like, safety showers installed. It is supported by instruments like Double Beam, U.V. Spectrophotometer, Polarimeter, Refractometer, and Melting Point Apparatus, Karl-Fischer moisture determination apparatus etc.,
Sr. No. Name
1 Hot plates
2 Oven
3 Refrigerator
4 Analytical Balances for demonstration
5 Digital balance 10mg sensitivity
6 Digital Balance (1mg sensitivity)
7 Suction pumps
8 Muffle Furnace
9 Mechanical Stirrers
10 Magnetic Stirrers with Thermostat
11 Vacuum Pump
12 Digital pH meter
13 Microwave Oven
Sr. No. Name
1 Distillation Unit
2 Reflux flask and condenser single necked
3 Reflux flask and condenser double / triple necked
4 Burettes
5 Arsenic Limit Test Apparatus
6 Nesslers Cylinders
Sophisticated Instruments
1 U.V. Spectrophotometer
2 Polarimeter
3 Refractometer,
4 Karl-Fischer moisture determination apparatus


Name Designation Qualification Exp.
Dr. Mandev B. Patel Principal M. Pharm, Ph.D. 29 Years
Dr. Pinak R patel Professor M. Pharm, Ph.D. 11.6 Years
Dr. Binny D. Mehta Asso. Professor M.Pharm,  Ph.D 11.4 Years
Ms. Shivani jani Asst. Professor M.Pharm 2.6 Years
Ms. Preeti Yadav Asst. Professor M.Pharm 1.0 Years
Ms. Rashmi Shukla Asst. Professor  M.Pharm Fresher